Help ID skimmer set up

Jul 21, 2019
NYC Area
Does anyone have any experience (for better or for worse) with this similar set up?

I will get more interior pictures tomorrow but aside from what you can see in the pictures we have dual side by side skimmer cloth-baskets. These baskets are very long (maybe 3 feet). I don’t have a main drain inside the pool so perhaps there is one inside the skimmer. The return jet is just below and next to the skimmer frame which doesn’t seem efficient.

At minimum I am trying to identify parts because I need to replace these cloth-baskets. I would call them basket-socks but there is not plastic basket the the “socks” line.

Long term I would love to know options to replace this set up (the skimmer box cover sits above the deck and is a tripping hazard), and the return being close to the skimmer seems inefficient for a heater.