HELP 5 uprights 1 inch off level


Jun 22, 2020
Good morning! We self installed a 24 ft aqualeader pool and there is a tiny buckle that is driving me CRAZY! I tried to dig under the paver where the dent is, but it did zero good. I could have dug a hole the size of Texas under it and it didn’t budge. After obsessing over it the last 2 days I think I KNOW the issue. I have 5 uprights in a row that are 1 inch high. I went around to each upright and measured to the top of the water. I know the integrity of my pool is likely ok, but it is driving me crazy. My question is, would I need to go around to each paver and dig some out to fix the problem? Or is it what it is at this point and digging would do zero good? The other 4 pavers that I haven’t dug under are pretty dug down into the earth and I have no clue how I would even get in there to dig it out.