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Jan 14, 2022
Dallas, TX
We bought a house built in late 2017 that had a pool put in by a nice local pool company in late 2018 by the original owner.
Its a salt cell with pebbletex surface, seemingly nice equipment, with a Pentair racer cleaner and Hayward booster pump. I have a reputable local pool service that comes out once a week for maintenance but once of the wheels broke from the Pentair so I am shopping cleaners, which is how I found this amazing site.

Would like opinion on my equipment and suggestions on a new cleaner. If I have a weekly guy that says "all I have to do as an owner is worry about where I hang my trunks". I am assuming that means that along with cleaning the baskets/filters, etc that he is also scrubbing the pool. I noticed the couple months we've been in the house before the front wheel broke off that the cleaner continuously got stock on the steps.

Do I need a robot cleaner for my set up if I have a pool guy coming over once a week, is something like a pressure side cleaner with a scrubber ok?


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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Robot cleaners are some of today's newest products, allowing owners to clean pool surfaces very well without the additional demand placed on plumbing, pumps, etc. Still, many love their suction/pressure cleaners. Really a personal call based on features and budget.

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