Hello from Northern VA!


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May 11, 2020
Leesburg VA
Hi, all!
This looks like a great resource! We are in the process of building our first pool. It took about a year to get the design approved by the county and then the HOA. They start digging tomorrow.

The pool will be 40x16. We have a steep slope in our back yard, so it took a while to get the grading permit. There will be a separate 7x7 spa. Both will be gunite with Pebble Sheen. My hubby wants the onyx, though I would prefer the dark blue.

Not sure about all the details yet...tile, patio. We were intending on getting a pool service, but maybe we can handle it ourselves? Not sure...don’t want to mess anything up.

Anyway, thank you for providing this forum for everybody!


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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
Welcome!! Haha, it's the pool service that is more likely to mess it up than you are!!

I encourage you to start a build thread and post pics and questions. You will invariably benefit by doing so. If you do, you can begin by posting up a few before pictures of your backyard. You can also post up your pool specs if you want a review. It may not be too late to tweak some important items.