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Sep 16, 2021
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Hi, I’m wondering if what we are experiencing is considered normal. Our pool was professionally closed 8 days ago and closing chemicals were added. Re history, our pool was redone a little less than two years ago…new concrete around the pool, new plaster, etc. We are in a constant battle to control the Ph. We checked the Ph this morning and are already at a firm 8, so we added about a half gallon of acid. The day the pool was closed the Ph was actually 7.1; it was high the day before closing so we added acid. During the summer we have experienced scaling and have been scooping up bits of white matter/flakes from the steps and the bottom of the pool. Our pool builder mentioned there are impurities in our plaster, but we are not sure what that means.

We have been fairly successful pool owners for many years and are at a loss as to what is happening. We worry about the high Ph, but are also concerned about the white matter possibly ruining the pool equipment such as the heater. Our pool is about 16x32, gunite, salt, 18,000 gals. We have had our water checked numerous times and other than low Alk which was corrected and high Ph which is constantly corrected, our water looks good. Thanks for any advice!


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Welcome to TFP! :wave: It sounds as though closing when you did before water temps are really cold is your biggest issue. Of course you have your hands tied to the schedule of a company to close. Others here at TFP close their own pool, not only to save some $$$ and ensure proper results, but so that they can wait until the very last minute. If you use our PoolMath APP and enter all your test results, you'll see how water temp influences the "CSI" which is a factor that determines your potential for scale.

Not much you can do now but hope the water temps drop soon. Even though pH tends to rise in cold water, the colder the water the better for your CSI and to counter-balance the elevated pH.


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey Patti !! They likely shocked the pool. What’s your FC ? If it’s 10+ the PH test reads abnormally high. You’re probably fine and just getting a bogus reading.