Hello from East TN


Apr 3, 2008
East TN
I Just wanted to say Hi to everyone one here. This is a great site with loads of information. I have recently uncovered my pond for the 3rd spring in a row. I am tired of dealing with the pool stores and all of their advice on what chemicals I need to buy from them to kill the algae. So far, I am 24 hrs into treating my pool, and I can already see the difference between the information I got here and from all those other chemicals I was told would be the solution. Not to mention about $200 cheaper too.

Thanks to All


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Jul 3, 2007
Tomball, Texas
welcome - was there a great since of accomplishment knowing you did it without their help? You can lie to your spouse and tell him/her you just figured this all out on your own - we won't tell :-D Welcome!


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Oct 26, 2007
Nashville, TN
Caeleas - Welcome to TFP from a fellow Tennessean! I'm in Nashville, originally from Knoxville. I might have known someone would have get out that "T"!! :wink: There a few others here from TN that stick their head in every now and then. You will be glad you found this site. These folks just could not be any better!