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May 14, 2017
like many others before me i wish i would have found this site sooner, first time pool owner. closed on my house about 6 weeks ago. after hundreds at the local pool store fighting a "high" phos problem used 6 bottle of phosREMOVE (ouch). the pool is in good shape. now to keep it that way and adopt the TFP way of things.

tf-100 kit is in the mail.

Previous owner told me at closing " just feed it tablets and toss in some PH down once a week, that's all i did"

I've been using that Clorox pool app i know it's not the best but it got me by

a couple questions i do have while i wait for the kit

I have 20lb of burnout 73 shock - use it up or put it away?
also have a 20lb bucket of the bioguard tabs - use them up or save for extended vacations ect?

third and final question. i have about 60 lbs of Lo-in-slo dry acid. i plan to use it up before switching to MA liquid. i've been premixing it in a 5 gallon bucket before tossing it in the pool, is that a bad thing?

app numbers
FC 5
TC 5
TA 240
TH 500
cya 50 - this was 100 but rain and 15 million backwashes with the phosremove i think i exchange enough water to lower it



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Jul 10, 2009
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Hi, welcome to TFP! Do not use the Burnout 73. Keep it in a cool dry place and if you ever find you are low on calcium you can use it to raise it up. At this point you are a bit high on calcium.
Same with the Bioguard tabs, only they contain CYA and you don't need anymore of that right now either. Keep them dry and they will last until you need a little CYA boost.
You don't have to pre-mix the low and slow, just brush the pool well after you add it to help it dissolve. How is your pH?


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May 14, 2017
7.8 right now, it goes to 7.8, i add 2lb of ph down it drops to 6.8, next day it will be back to 7.3. i do have the returns pointed to break the water trying to lower my TA