Hello everyone from Mcdonough, GA

Sep 19, 2007
Hi everyone!!!

Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I have a 21' AG Pool w/sand filter. I am converting from Baquacil to chlorine. Can't stand Baquacil anymore. I can't keep fighting the algae. I am starting my conversion today so if anyone has tips other than those I have already received from TFP I would appreciate them.

Thanks for all the helpful information on this site. It is great.


PTravis (confused in McDonough)


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Aug 26, 2007
Covington, Georgia
Welcome PTravis. I am up in Monroe,Ga .... The help here is fantastic! Dont be afraid to ask any questions you might have.

read this forum http://www.troublefreepool.com/viewtopic.php?t=94 and there are also a few other that might help answer some questions you may have.

Check out this one as well http://www.troublefreepool.com/viewforum.php?f=8. Since joining here I have just been going through each post and reading and have learned ALOT.

Welcome and good luck with your change over !!