Hayward T-cell-15 has been leaking since opening


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Apr 23, 2018
Our Hayward T-cell-15 has been leaking since we opened the pool up last month. The salt cell is on the ground so I can't tell for certain where it is leaking. The leak isn't so excessive that we are noticing any water loss inside the pool and we can't see it dripping. The salt cell wasn't removed at closing so I'm worried that the cell could have been damaged over the winter. Before we take the salt cell off and inspect it, I'd like to know what could cause a salt cell to leak and what we need to look out for when we remove it. We haven't been using the swg because of this leak, but it looks like it is working since the salt reading is only 200 ppms less than the actual salt level according to testing (which is typical for our cell.) This salt cell is probably on its last legs due to its age (8.5 years), but I'd like to continue using it until it stops generating chlorine completely since I can't afford to replace it. If cleaning it could cause it to die, I would rather not risk it, since I can't afford to replace it right now. Liquid chlorine is becoming hard to find here so I hope I can stop this leak and get it to work for the remainder of the pool season.


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Jul 16, 2012
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The three reasons it would leak are if it froze and cracked, one of the two unions has become loose, and the unions also each have an o-ring in them that can break causing the connection to leak. They are easy to undo with a rubber strap wrench and inspect. I’m replacing mine as soon as I sit the phone down. It had stopped producing after, you guessed it, 8.5 years.
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