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Ok everyone,

I am opening my pool up and obviously its a mess. My gauge on my sand filter says that the PSI is at 45. I bought the new gauge last year so I am not sure if it is faulty. This is my 3rd summer in the house and I am wondering if it is needing the sand replaced? The flow from the jet in the pool is weaker than normal in the "filter" mode. I put it on "recirculate" on the filter to bypass so I can get the pool clear first. The flow from the pump is normal in this mode. Any thoughts?

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Hello and welcome ! :wave: Low water flow and a high pressure readings are indicative of algae in the water. Can you tell us the following please:
- Appearance of the water (crystal clear, hazy, puff of green when you brush, etc)
- How you test the water
- How you chlorinate
- Provide a full set of results as follows:

Also make sure to update your profile signature with all of your pool and equipment info. It will help us later. Nice to have you with us.

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Oh, are you on a well?