Hayward PRO15 CAT probes in Hayward Sense and Dispense???


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Apr 28, 2012
Newton, NC
In looking at various websites, I see that Hayward offers their PRO15 pH and ORP probes for their CAT systems and the GLX probes for the Sense and Dispense systems.

Other than the longer cord on the PRO15 probes, they look exactly like the GLX probes. Given that the PRO15 probes typically sell for about $50 less than the GLX probes, I am wondering if anyone has successfully used the PRO15 probes in a Sense and Dispense system. I need to replace both probes in my Sense and Dispense system, and I would love to save $100. :)

Hayward gave me the expected standard company position that the PRO15 probes are for CAT systems and GLX probes are for Sense and Dispense systems. But, they didn't address my question about the what the differences are between the probes (other than the cable length).