Hayward Omnilogic config questions


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Dec 19, 2019
Austin, TX
Now that the season ended I went through the process of of replacing everything for my 23k in-ground non-saltwater pool. This is all DIY work. I replaced the old single speed pump with a new Hayward SP3202VSP, replaced the sand filter with a used Hayward swimclear 5030, added flow meter, added zinc anode, converted to saltwater with a Hayward T-Cell-15, and the big purchases what the Hayward Omnilogic controller. with the wireless add-on.

I've re-plumbed and installed all the water components and the pool has been running a couple of weeks with some issues I'm working through as the instructions are a bit vague, I guess if you were a certified Hayward installer you'd have had hands on instruction making it easier. First problem I had was it wouldn't see the pump. A change of dipswitches and a week later for some reason the HUA showed up that didn't initially show it's self so the pump is now being controlled by the Omnilogic. The next issues are un-resolved...

The saltwater generator doesn't seem to be putting out enough chlorine. Even in superchlorinate the output it took 2 days to go from 0ppm to 2ppm
The schedule for the saltwater generator doesn't always work. It turns off for no apparent reason no error code or alarm. Just behaving strangely. I'm hoping it's due to cold water temps and high salt content. I followed the recommended amount to salt the pool for the size at 14 bags and the salt PPM is showing higher than it should at 4600ppm per the T-Cell reading. Not sure if this cell is bad or it is in fact having issues due to high salt and low temps... Theres a flow switch and flow meter and I have the pump speed set to produce a flow going at 52 during the day and 45 over night.

The next issues is the water temp sensor, When I installed it and wired it in. I did see it come up in the controller menu and it's configured as the temp sensor 01 water temp sensor but doesn't show the water temp on the Omnilogic screen nor the remote webinterface. I simply cannot find in the configure to have it display the sensor temp correctly. The air temp sensor works fine and displays in the controller and web interface. I even swapped the air sensor into the 01 interface point to make sure it wasn't a bad sensor.

I think that about covers where I'm stuck at this point. If anyone with experience with the Omnilogic controller install and salt cell experience it would be greatly appreciated... As much as it is working this is the cleanest the water has looked in the year and a half since I bought my house and inherited this pool so I'm moving in the right direction with these replacement components but I just don't have the budget to do all this and hire a pool contractor to do all the installation. If I had gone that route it would have taken me a couple seasons to have accomplished this much in one go at it..



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Apr 30, 2018
Hi Jim,
For the saltwater generator, have you tried bringing up the pools chlorine level to target level with liquid bleach and then used the T15 cell to try to maintain the chlorine PPM? If the cell is not keeping up, and your CYA level is good I would do an overnight chlorine loss test to make sure that there isnt something in the water using up the chlorine rapidly. Also when it comes to scheduling the generator, it is a little weird. What you need to do is put the generator percentage to zero. Then set your schedule for the times you want it to run and at the percentage you want it to run at. When setup like this, during schedule times the slider will go to the scheduled percentage. Outside of the schedule it will go back to zero. You need to keep the generator always on for this to work. So in the app the generator tile should always be a bright blue. You turn it on and off by pressing the test tube icon.

For the water temp sensor, it only shows water temperature when the filter pump is running. When the filter pump is not running it shows dashes. If you are seeing no water temperature, there is a possibility that you have not configured your main pump as a filter pump. Do an edit in the configuration to ensure that your main pump is configured as the filter pump to see if that fixes your issue. If this was the issue, this might be why you are having chlorinator issues also as the Omnilogic looks at the filter pump to ensure it is ok for the chlorinator to run.

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