Hayward Gas Heater Issue


Apr 5, 2020
Central Florida
My Hayward H250FD gas heater was working perfectly until all of the sudden there was a strong smell of gas. Trying to get it going and it goes through the motions as normal trying to start but just won’t.
It’s not giving me any error codes and the service light isn’t on.

I’ve only been in this house a year and I’m thinking it could be out of gas seeing that there was some amount in it when I moved in but have not idea how long it should / will last.
I don’t use it often maybe 15hrs(max) over the past year and the propane gas gauge hasn’t moved making me think it either isn’t accurate OR the heater is extremely efficient....I’m leaning forward the gauge not working.

My question is, since I don’t know what it would do when it’s out of gas; does this sound familiar to anyone as a sign it’s out of gas?



TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
How big is the propane tank?

If you tap on the tank, does it sound empty?

What does the gauge say?

If you lightly tap on the gauge, does it go down?
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