gas heater

  1. M

    Trouble finding a place to install pool equipment

    Hi Guys I am really struggling here to find a place to install my pool equipment. The pool contractors are going to start digging in a few weeks and I don’t have any place to put the gas pool heater. The gas technician says it needs to be 10 feet away from any window or opening. I don’t have a...
  2. V

    Omnilogic - Option for heater to force pump on

    Good morning. I have an OmniLogic panel and pump with a Hayward natural gas heater. The omnilogic was installed last summer, and I absolutely love it ever since I hardwired the internet connection. The issue I'm having is that the heater does not force a call for the pump to turn on. I only...
  3. J

    Hayward Gas Heater Issue

    My Hayward H250FD gas heater was working perfectly until all of the sudden there was a strong smell of gas. Trying to get it going and it goes through the motions as normal trying to start but just won’t. It’s not giving me any error codes and the service light isn’t on. I’ve only been in...
  4. danthedieselman75

    Adding heater to small inground pool

    Hi, I have a small in ground pool ... maybe 12-14k gallons. It was built a long time ago and we have no idea how old it is. But I suspect it is quite old. It has one skimmer and two returns on a 1.5" pipe. The pool equipment is very far from the pool, thanks to someone in the past having...
  5. F

    Hayward H-200 Stalling - Just Opened

    I have a new-to-me Hayward “H series” H-200 natural gas heater (millivolt). I opened this weekend and can’t get the unit working properly. I was having trouble with the pilot light and eventually got it lit with the help of a friend. When it’s lit it is very faint. Can hardly even see the flame...
  6. 18Wheeler

    Newly Installed Hayward Gas Heater (advice on opening pool with)

    Greetings all! With the recent events, and having the fam stuck here at the house nearly ALL THE TIME, we decided we'd add a gas heater the pool so we can open a bit earlier and enjoy more swim time this season (and hopefully many to come). There was a heater previously installed, but this was...
  7. A

    Laars Lite Teledyne Heater shuts off randomly

    My Laars Lite Teledyne Laars model LLD natural gas heater seems to be running normally at some times. The pilot starts and it runs for a decent 8 minutes and then suddenly shuts off. My guess is that one of the sensors is automatically shutting it off, but the water flow is fine and there does...
  8. R

    Trying to identify Hayward Pool Heater to replace bypass

    Purchased a house February 2019 that has a pool. Pool guy that I had come out to inspect the equipment said the heater control panel was broken. I finally get around to fixing that and low and behold it's not broken! But once the heater fires up, tons of noise and significant vibration in...
  9. C

    Brand new MasterTemp 125 not igniting

    I’ve had a brand new Pentair Mastertemp 125 installed. The board comes on, then I hear the blower. It tries to light several times then sometimes it will eventually turn the service heater light on. While trying to light several times, I will smell some gas. I’ve tried to bleed the line from...
  10. J

    Minimax NT Heater Issue

    I have a Minimax 400 pool heater and I can't get the power light on the board to light up. I'm getting 26 V out of the transformer to the board (orange and white wires), I assumed it was the board, order a new one, and am getting the same thing on the new board. No power light. When I tested...
  11. C

    Pentair Mastertemp heater problems

    Hi all- I've got some time at home now with self-isolation, so I'm working on my pool equipment. My 8-year-old Mastertemp 400 won't stay lit. It's not throwing any diagnostic codes- the burner fires, but it smells bad like it is not burning right, and it even sounds wrong (deep rumble- more...
  12. 1

    Mastertemp400 cycling in spa mode

    Hey experts, When I turn my mastertemp 400 onto spa mode. It will run for about a minute then turn on a HLS error light. After maybe two minutes light will go off and it will go through the same process again. This issue first started with an E05 error message. I came to this forum to start...
  13. M

    Master temp 400

    Turn the heater on fan turns on then immediately goes to service mode. Water flow is good, gas pressure good, changed board, changed air flow switch still goes to service light immediately. Any ideas.