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Sep 16, 2008
Jacksonville, FL
We have very hard water in our area. Past experiences put my CH at the high end with city water. We are building a new pool and I was thinking of using 75% city water then 25% water from my water softener (separate bib). The first will be Stonescapes Mini Pebble by NPT.

Any thoughts on this? I don’t want to hurt the pool or finish, but would be nice to be in the middle range.

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Jul 3, 2018
I now use soft water for backwash and evaporation compensation and it has been working great so far.
When I started using soft water (which has a CH of 25ppm), my pool CH was 800ppm and climbing.

Since that time (about a year ago), I have lowered my pool water CH to 400ppm due to backwashes and a very small drain due to excessive rains during the winter.
I will let the soft water continue to lower the CH of my pool water (from backwashes) until the pool water attains the same CH value as my municipal water supply which is 250ppm.
Once that occurs, I will maintain a pool water CH of 200 - 250 ppm by alternating between the municipal hard water and my soft water to compensate for backwashes and evaporation.

The above is just my current method of dealing with high CH, which has worked very well for me so far and I'm pretty confident will work well for me in the future. There might be others who may have different suggestions for you.

Thanks for the great question and good luck with the calcium hardness issue.
Please take care.
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