Hanna Instruments BL122 Ph & ORP controller


Jul 7, 2020
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Has anyone used this controller? I've read a great deal about the stenner pump setups here, but have been looking for a controller along the lines of what we use on our commercial cooling towers, where we measure and dose similarly to a pool's requirements.

While I doubt the peristaltic pumps in this unit are as robust or easily rebuildable as a stenner, the all in one package is appealing with the controls.

Lastly, if anyone has any input on the matter, I have a daughter who is very sensitive to chlorine, so what I did this year is fill with new water, keep the CYA low, adjust Ph as needed when home from work, then dose liquid chlorine after the sun was off the pool. Using this method, the pool stayed perfect, and after the sun was on the pool for one-three hours no more chlorine, so worked perfectly for my daughter, but.. you can't miss a day, hence my desire for automation.

Ideally I would like to basically keep up the same routine. The stenner pumps would do just fine, but would need adjustment routinely it would seem to stay on target, but I'll see what updates I can find on the forum.



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May 3, 2014
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Sorry your post has not received any feedback. Very few members mess with ORP as it is rarely able to be accurate in an outdoor pool with the level of CYA needed to make the pool efficient in the use of chlorine.
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