Hanging a rectangular Intex Ultra Frame Pool directly from the pool deck

Jonas Åhgren

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Apr 18, 2016
Your daughter is precious. You have much to be proud of- beautiful family and amazing building skills. Can I be nosy and ask what type of work you do that you have such building skills and also lived in Hong Kong?

Maddie :flower:
I'm an Engineer and my work is developing software for compliance reporting. Building is an off work pleasure. [emoji4] I like to keep busy.


Feb 13, 2018
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Love this build here! I’m about to undergo a Intex install and haven’t decided whether or not I’m going partially in ground with a deck or above ground with a deck.. I’m going to speak to building and safety to see if what they’ll want to see either way and make a decision then.

Thanks for the inspo

Ana P Roders

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Jun 4, 2018
Rijswijk, NL
Dear Jonas,

Your experience is very inspiring.
We are planning to do a similar structure, but where the pool is nearly half underground (50cm) - half above (60cm). Would you advice following similar drawings?
Thank you,



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Jul 1, 2019
Sorry it didn't work out, it was an interesting experiment. I just completed my build with the same pool. I used the standard construction and then built the deck around it. You have the concrete slab and the deck structure. You should be able to reuse most of it with just minor mods. Good luck!
I use a solarpanel and a small electric pump from a boat freshwater system. So water only cirulates when sunshine.
Is your pool still in one piece?