Hairline Crack on plaster pool


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Jun 27, 2010
The pool was drained little over 2 month ago. When I was cleaning the pool using a pressure washer, I noticed several discoloration around the hairline cracks that I wasn't aware of when it had the water. One of the hairline crack on the wall of the pool had white powder substance (almost like white powder on car battery) covering the crack. When I washed it I saw the crack and the surrounding was little darker with green tint to it. Exact same type of powder and discoloration was on the floor in one another spot. Both of these was about 12 inches in length. The other very small cracks that caught my eyes were about 2 inches in length. These didn't have the white powder substance but it caught my eyes because of slight discoloration. I did not notice any of these hairline cracks when the water was full.

Are these cracks going to leak water when i fill it back up? What is the white powder on top of the cracks? I didn't have any leak before so I am not sure how these will turn out when water is added.

here are some pictures after cleaning with pressure washer.



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How old is your plaster? Things like this are most common on older plaster that is just starting to fail. If it is older plaster, you still have a while, possibly as much as a couple of years, before anything really serious goes wrong.


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Jun 27, 2010
Thanks for replying.

I'm not sure how old the plaster is. I bought the home last december.
The plaster or the pool doesn't seem very old. Maybe it's about 5 to 10 years old, although it's just my guess looking at the pool.

My concern is if the crack will leak water. I would rather repair these cracks if it leaks before refilling with water.
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