Hacking Pools?


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Jan 17, 2012
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Its happening all over- baby monitors, home automation, your WIFi signal from the street. The best defense is a weird, easily remembered password.

I use LastPass.... it creates wicked convoluted passwords to each of my accounts, etc. All I have to remember is the main password to get into the program.



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Mar 29, 2008
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I also use lastpass for generating long, random passwords.

But for the security of my home network, I don't use port forwarding, and have my router locked down as much as possible.

My Netgear router supports VPN, and I use the VPN Connect app to connect my phone to my network from outside. FYI, there are two types of VPN. The more common VPN is a service you pay for to hide your internet activity. This is different from having a VPN server that you can access from outside your home.
After I open a VPN connection, then I can open web pages from my home network devices like I'm at home.

If they can't get into your home network, they can't hack into your pool or anything else you have running at home.

One other point, people don't necessarily hack devices like a camera to see its video feed. A camera gives a hacker something inside your home that they can run programs on.

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