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Dec 27, 2014
Sydney, Australia
I thought I'd do the polite thing and introduce myself before I put toward a few questions. My name is Nigel and I live in the Macarthur area of Sydney. I have a pool that has been neglected for over a year and I had just started throwing cash at my local pool store owner when I discovered this forum. It all seems to make so much sense. I will be ordering a decent test kit but it will most likely be a couple of weeks before it arrives. The water is no longer as green as it was, since studying the forum I had the water tested at my local shop and ph and CYA were in range (several days ago now) and I've put in about 40ltrs of liquid chlorine over a few days. As I don't want to go backwards while I'm waiting for my test kit, is there any benefit in getting some testing strips? I've rad many comments about how inaccurate they are but I'm just looking for a temporary strategy while waiting for my K2006 test kit to arrive.

Sorry I've probably rabbited on a bit for an introductory post but thanks in anticipation.


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Aug 17, 2012
Elverson Pa.
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Don't waste your money or time with test strips. Keep adding liquid chlorine to hold things at bay till your kit arrives. Post up a full set of test results when you get it and we can get you pointed in the right direction.


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unfortunately test strips are only good to around 5ppm free chlorine and highly inaccurate
over 5ppm FC the strips bleach out and read as no chlorine
to slam you are probably looking at a much higher figure depending on CYA level
post your test results and how they were obtained, and water appearance
even poolstore is better than nothing (but only just)
water looks green
??? FC
??? CC
??? PH
??? TA
??? CH
??? CYA
test results from local pool store