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Jun 30, 2020
Houston, TX
Hi there. I purchased my home back in May 2012 which included a pool. I believe the pool was installed in 2008. It is a 12000 gal pool and I realized early on that it was a must to understand pool maintenance. As a matter of convenience, I have relied heavily on the local pool store (less than a mile away) for water testing and recommendation. However, as of late, I have been conducting my own water testing with a Taylor kit. My pool has started showing its age, e.g., pitting, plaster is thinning in some areas, but the water is sparkling. My hope is that by joining this forum I will gain additional insights and possibly save some money using alternative chemicals, e.g., using bleach instead of pucks. Thanks.



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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
My pool is about 6 years older than yours built in 2002. I was the 3rd owner so not much info on the pool when I got into the house. At the 10 yr mark I opted to drain the pool and did an acid wash. This helped a lot as i got a fresh start on the chemical balance, etc. 6 years later (early 2018), we elected to replaster as plaster was showing signs of wear and we wanted a blue color rather than just white plaster. We opted for Wet Edge Technologies Pebble Primera Stone. We are very pleased and had multiple colors to select. We used Pool Works/Houston Pool Renovations as they were authorized distributor for Wet Edge Technologies pool plaster. Since then have replaced the filter and the heater as they were original units installed. The point of this message is to be prepared to continue to maintain and upgrade your pool to keep it in tip top shape for the longterm. Good Luck - from Katy, TX
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