Green water with mosquito babies floating ? Help BBB


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Jul 27, 2007
First time pool owner... Intex Easy Set Pool 16' x 42" = 3,754 gallons water.
Current readings with HTH test trips -
total hardness 200, free chlorine/bromine 0/0,ph 8.4, total alkalinity240, cyanuric acid 100

Have been using the pool for about 6 weeks with no problems using only HTH Shock-N-Swim weekly and an HTH chlorine tablet (Wally World specials). Running Filter pump 24/7 except while swimming. Did not test anything - all was good - clear water. Had pool party with 7 grandchildren & a few friends - water cloudy a few days later. Shock-n-swim and added HTH Clarifier according to directions (first time I used this). 3 days later the water is green and has what looks like hundreds of baby mosquito larvae swimming in my pool. (Teeny tiny little black tadpole looking bugs) Checked the filter - needs replacing. Going to Wally's tonight for that. Do not understand why after all this time it suddenly goes haywire. So my questions are...

1. Any idea what I did wrong so I don't do it again?

2. How do I safely kill and remove the bugs/mosquito babies without making the water unsafe to swim in? Or do I have to drain it and start over?

3. Could any wonderfully smart expert out there in the TFP world tell me how much bleach, borax and baking soda I need to use on a regular basis for my size pool? and... How often do I add them? and is it safe to use these household products after having used the HTH products? Grandchildren swim in this pool, so must be sure about the chemicals.

4. Must the pool be covered when not in use? Initially I was covering it, but have left it uncovered for several weeks because it is hard to do alone...

Any help you can offer is extremely appreciated...

Love, Luck & Laughter... and angels all around you...