Getting rid of birds


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Jul 12, 2013
Long Island, NY
I have a lot of small sparrows that like to sit on my top rail or solar cover and sip water. Then of course they make tiny poops all over.

I tried plastic owls and shiny irritant tape that flaps in the wind.

I read hanging fishing line from my roof to fence or telephone pole would work because it would disrupt them from being able to swoop down on the ledge. Anyone have any luck or other ideas?

How many strands would I even use. I was thinking like 10 pieces going in opposite directions and overlapping


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May 25, 2016
Little Elm TX
I use toy rubber snakes. Gotta find something that looks realistic and not the cheap plastic ones. I also have an owl for the rabbits and an alligator to keep ducks out. Sometimes that owl actually scares me haha ! But snakes have worked like a charm on my speakers the birds used to love so much.


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Aug 13, 2015
Frisco, Texas
I've been helping my dad in his war against the squirrels. They pillage his tomatoes every night. We are currently trying the plastic owl with a bobbing head. But I did see a device that sends out a burst of ultrasonic waves when it detects motion. Something like that might work for you. I've heard that big rubber snakes work too, but I'd always be thinking it was real, even if I knew it wasn't.


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May 18, 2016
West Bloomfield, MI
Fishing line is highly effective. We use it around boats and marinas all the time. In areas where it may be a tripping hazard for people, you can use more visible twine or string. If you can stretch fishing line high above, you'll barely even see it.

If you google images for "bird sitting on plastic owl", you'll quickly get discouraged about that particular strategy...