Getting ready to pull the trigger on an Intex 18 by 9 pool. What am I forgetting?


Apr 19, 2021
Mid Missouri
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We live in mid-missouri. Our backyard is somewhat shaded and on a hill, so I never really thought we could get a pool. Alas, pandemic has given me a year to figure it out. We currently have a 12 by 12 LEVEL concrete pad and have hired a contractor to add another 12 by 10 pad onto it. Thus, we should have enough space for the 18 by 9 pool. We plan to get the intex ultra 18 by 9 pool. We wanted to add a saltwater system but the price on the intex one is very high right now. Do you recommend any other brands we can purchase for a few hundred dollars? We also want to purchase a heater (see shaded yard comment above). Any suggestions on heaters for under $1000? What else do we need to buy? TIA!


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Jan 17, 2012
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I figure your pool about 4700 gallons. Take a look at Saltwater Swimming Pool Systems & Supplies | Discount Salt Pool especially their comparison page.

You also need a good test kit- sells the favorite TF-100. The basic kit is $70 some dollars, but they also have a nicer kit with the salt test for a bit more. The reagents should last 2 years , refills go on sale in the spring.

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