Gas Heater


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Jun 24, 2020
Rochester, New York
I'm looking into getting a gas heater for my 24" above ground pool. I've received 2 quotes, but each is for a different heater; one heater is Pentair Master Temp 125 and the other is Hayward 200,000 BTUs. Both are natural gas with electric ignition.I know nothing about either one and would like to get feedback as to which may be best? I'm looking for something that is reliable and efficient with ease of use. Thank you, CodeRoch


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I'll talk about the technical side. The Pentair 125 is 125,000 BTU. The Hayward is 200,000 BTU or about 60% "bigger". The higher the number of BTU's, the faster it will heat your water. You also need to consider if your gas meter is sized properly and large enough to handle the additional NG flows that the heater will need.