Aug 9, 2019
South East Texas
After researching why my pool continued to get green and require brushing ever 2 days I discovered that it was likely due to my CYA being off the charts high. I ordered the TF-100 test kit and began the process of lowering the CYA.

I’ve have drained and refilled over half of my pool 3 different times to get the CYA down to 30. I then added started adding muriatic acid about 2 gallons at a time to get the PH (7.8) down I was able to see a change in total ALK but nothing really PH wise. As I was doing this the pump was running 24 hours a day.

As I was attempting to get the PH down unsuccessfully the pool continued to become a green monster. I decided I better start adding Chlorine which was at 0, to prevent staining, while I waited for my test kit. I planned to SLAM the pool when the kit came in but needed a test that could read high enough for that process.

I added 10% liquid chlorine from Wal-Mart starting with about 5 gallons and then adding a couple of gallons everyday for about a week. Total chlorine put in was 21 gallons. I tested my CYA and it was showing a 29 so ai decided to also add some shock to the pool.

I continued to test the chlorine and couldn’t get it above 2.8. I had to leave town for work for a week and now I’m back and my test kit is here.

Pool water looks good clear not cloudy but there is algae staining on the walls that is not coming off with my new whale tail brush.

I tested everything tonight and here are the results.

FC 0
CC 0
CYA 50ish
PH 8.2
ALK 390
CH 80

I just don’t know where to start or how I’m going to get this staining off the walls.


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