Flocculent and cartridge filter


Sep 2, 2018
OKlahoma city, ok
I had an ignorant pool guy do this before I read not to do it. So now I need options for vacuuming to waste. Can I just undo the outlet hose from the cartridge filter? Other option is to rehook hoses back to sand filter I guess. I still have the sand filter. Any ideas? And I could put in an old cartridge filter and just do away with it afterwards
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Jul 21, 2013
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What type of pool do you have? What type of skimmers? Main drain?

Undoing the outlet hose on your filter and turning your pump on will give you a fire hose of flow and probably get your water below your skimmers quickly.

Show us some pics of what you are dealing with.


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From the looks of it, it appears to be an AGP with single skimmer & return without main drain.

If you hook up the sand filter, all that floc will gum up the sand. Don't do that.
I would use the old filter cartridge and just toss it afterward. No water loss if you are willing to sacrifice a cartridge.

I don't see any valves in your plumbing, how do you open the pump & filter without draining the pool?


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Jul 10, 2009
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You could either disconnect the cartridge filter from the pump, or you could re-connect the sand filter and set the multiport to waste. I would use the band clamp on the pump discharge line to connect a backwash hose so you can direct the waste water where you want it to go. Vacuuming to waste will drain a significant amount of water from your pool, so run a garden hose in the pool to try and keep the water level high enough to vacuum if you use a vacuum plate.