First timer - can’t get PH to balance


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Jul 21, 2019
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Hello All,
First time posting but have read a number of threads.

We have a 12 foot by 30 inch Intex prism frame pool. Upgraded the filter when we set it up. Started with 3 inch trichlor tabs in a floater in late May. Way great until early July when i left the solar blanket on for a few days when we weren’t using it and we had a major algae bloom. I did the traditional Mac blue shock from Home Depot. I’m struggling to rebalance the water. Especially ph.

I’m slowly switching over to TFP bbb method. I added suggested amount of borax from the pool calculator and ph wet way way up. Then used 20% Muriatic and it went way down. Since then I’ve added nothing and it’s gonw back up with the addition of lots of rain water.

We haven’t swam in it for over a week. Waiting on a pool vacuum to arrive but I’ve brushed the sides and bottom and done my best to keep it clean and the filter running 6-12 hours a day.


This is yesterday but today the ph was on the higher side.


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May 3, 2014
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Welcome to the forum!
It appears you are using test strips. Test strips are inaccurate and not repeatable.
You may want to consider following Seasonal Pools.
If you do, you only need a two way drop test kit to measure TC and pH.
However, if you follow the Seasonal Pool method, you would need to drain the pool completely, clean it, and the refill following the Seasonal Pool protocol.