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Apr 7, 2017

I've been trolling up until now, lots of great information here - love it thanks!

I'm a new owner of an old pool here in Montreal, we moved in last June and the pool was ready and gorgeous when we arrived - reading here I was doing almost everything wrong for chemistry (as were the last owners based on their chemical supplies)... but we had a great season nonetheless. The pool was closed by a local company last fall as I furiously took notes.

First question: My pool was acid washed last summer at the start of the season, how often is an acid wash needed?

Now I'm looking to open for the season and already ordered the TF-100 test kit, waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I have been pressure washing the pool deck to get rid of the moss and will add polymeric sand once that is done, despite my precautions there's a lot of small gravel in the pool 1/16" - 1/8" diameter. What's the best way to remove the stones? If the photo attaches you can see my filtration setup, I can bypass the filter and pump to waste (underground piping to the ditch in front of the house), or should I try to catch it in a sock in the pump basket? I don't want to clog the piping.

I've tried to attach photos of the pool last summer, now, and my filtration setup, hopefully they attach. Thanks in advance for your help!



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Sep 22, 2015
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Beautiful pool!! Welcome to TFP!
I would recommend you vacuum to waste. You don't want all that gravel in your pipes, or, if you have a robot, it might be able to do the job for you. My Doheny's Discovery robot (same as Dolphin S200) was able to effortlessly pick up rocks and mortar larger that silver dollars.

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