First test results, help!

Connie C

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May 16, 2019
Strasburg, Ohio
I am trying to do the pool math and I can't do it on a laptop. I need to know where to begin first. Pool is 25000 gallons inground plaster
Got my tf-100 test kit today
PH 6.8
TA 80
Chlorine 0
FC 0.5
Calcium 300
CYA 20 I can still see the dot.


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
You can always get to the web version of PoolMath

Aerate your water to raise your pH.

Add 160oz of 10% liquid chlorine to get to 5ppm.

Add about 2lbs of stabilizer to raise your CYA by 10 ppm.


TFP Guide
I guess I don't get the pool math. It will not let me do it on a laptop. I will keep trying. So no borax?
Hello and Welcome to TFP!!

Are you trying to use the Pool Math app on your mobile device or are you using the online version of Pool Math?

Use aeration instead of borax to raise the pH. aeration is chemical free.
Aeration can be dove via spa jets, waterfall, fountain, return pointed up so it breaks the surface, air compressor, etc.