First self opening


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Jun 5, 2016
Orange, CT
Hello- new pool owner last year. Just tried opening myself this year for the first time. Going fairly well by my expectations. Can I please have some guidance.

Fc 5.0
Cc 0.5
PH 7.3
CYA less than 30 was always able to see dot
Alk 50
CH 225

20,000 gallons, doing the BBB method, opened yesterday green water. I skimmed, added 4 jugs of 12.5% yesterday morning just hoping to stunt algae and to get things moving in my favor. Filter running 24hrs now. I was about to do a slam but I suspect I need to add CYA first, then PH check, then do it.

Current status is mostly cleared water. Slight haze and a lot of brushed algae fallen to bottom that I have yet to vacuum out.



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Jan 6, 2010
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Your pH is close enough and the CYA is mildly acidic, so it may lower it a little more. Don't waste time fussing with it. Add enough to get CYA to 30 by filling a sock and setting it in the skimmer, and then hit it with the bleach. Assume the CYA you just added is already dissolved and target 12 FC.


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Jul 30, 2014
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Does that mean an actual foot wear sock, or some pool skimmer sock ?
A foot wear sock is best. Not too thick, but enough for support. Skimmer socks are thin and best used in skimmer baskets. Because the weather will be cool over the next few days on the East Coast, SLAM the pool. Test at least daily and add enough bleach to keep at SLAM level. Please follow the instructions and until you pass all 3 tests, the SLAM is not complete.