Fill hot tub with rainwater?


Nov 29, 2020
Hi, we are new hot tub owners- hot tub came with the house and we are just learning the basics.

Wondering if it is a good or bad idea to use rainwater to fill the tub, assuming we would get a rain barrel and collect rain off the roof of the house (typical shingle roof) and run it through a filter to avoid leaves and dirt. We live in Seattle. I haven't tested the rainwater with a test strip yet, but wondering if there are other chemistry concerns other than what would show up on a typical test strip.

Thank you!

-Jessica & Will
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Rainwater can be great fill water if it is not contaminated during the runoff from your roof.

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Mar 21, 2020
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As I understand it, moisture in the atmosphere does not condense spontaneously but needs a particle to condense on, thereby cleaning the air of particulates. As it falls it picks up more (phosphates, smog, pollen, forest fire smoke, dust/dirt, algae (and other) spores, bacteria, and even pesticides/herbicides (google "it's raining round-up" if you want to be scared). Then it lands on your roof and washes it off, picks up the crud growing/ rotting in the gutters, and finally ends up... in your spa?
I can't say myself, having never tried it, but I'm not about to try it. ;)
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Nov 29, 2020
Interesting points, thanks! Also did the math and realized it's <$10 to fill it from the hose, so that's negligible compared to everything else and doesn't warrant investing in a rain barrel and gutter system.
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