Fiberglass pool settlement problems


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Oct 17, 2018
Southern Kentucky
The concrete cantilever coping above the tile line in my fiberglass pool is cracking significantly in all 4 corners and small chunks of concrete have been chipping off for several years now. A fiberglass pool company tells me that the problem is caused by settlement and a dewatering system needs to be installed before fixing the concrete coping above the tile line or it will just start cracking again as the pool continues to settle. Unfortunately, this company cannot install this dewatering system or fix the concrete coping until next year due to staffing shortages. Its getting cold here so I'm going to have to go ahead and close the pool. I've got a mesh cover that lets rainwater into the pool so I worry that more concrete is going to chip off during the winter and tiles will start popping off if water gets into those cracks and freezes over the winter. I'm going to try to keep the water level below the tile line all winter but it is often difficult to do this if we get a lot of rain. Does anyone know if there is something I could put into the cracks or holes where the concrete chipped off to keep water from getting into them and popping off tiles or more concrete? I've attached some pictures of the two corners with the worst damage and a close up picture of one of the cracks that is extending onto the deck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 15, 2017
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The tile line shouldn't be in the water at all during freezing temps. Looking at the tile from the top view in one of your pictures tells me they will pop of sooner or later as water can get in from the top of the tiles which I think should have been sealed off and not have space. If you're diligent you can pump off every now and then to keep the water below. If it's warm enough to rain then it's warm enough to pump off some water too.
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