Fading Fiberglass Pool Finish


May 22, 2013
Marietta, GA
Greetings and Salutations !!!

My fiberglass pool is about 7 years old now and unfortunately due to age, sun, suntan oil, etc I have a water line and above the waterline it is slightly faded.
I think you would call it oxidized.

I was thinking of draining it just to about 2 inches below the water line and then using Marine 31 Gel Coat Heavy-Cut Oxidation Cleaner.
After that, I was going to follow up with Marine 31 M31-700 Gel Coat Carnauba Wax Plus Sealant.

Second thought would be to buy and use Natural Chemistry's Clean & Perfect spray.

Third thought was to buy and use Natural Chemistry's STAIN free.

Does anyone have any experience in restoring their fiberglass pools to a like new finish ?
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