Facts Hard to Come by on SWG vs. Directly Chlorinated Pools


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I switched from sw to chlorine. I got sw because it was sold as no maintenance. Pool is 50000 gallon plaster . pH was a major problem for me. Chronic pH of 8.5 to 9. A gallon of acid a day. I finally ignored the high pH and developed a coral reef which I recently polished down. pH still trends high, a gallon a week. Would try salt water and test yourself with a colorimeter. If you start getting difficult to manage chemistries, convert to chlorine. You would be out the cost of the sw generator, and a refill.
Huh? A SWG pool IS a chlorine pool.. they are one and the same. The only difference is the method by which the chlorine is supplied to the pool. I agree with the 'cowboy.. sounds like your TA was high.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Your problem is that you were never shown how to operate a saltwater pool.. The idea that they require no maintenance is just not true. I also suspect that your cell was way undersized for your large pool... Salt cells do not increase the pools pH.. Most people think this because they switch from pucks to a SWCG.. Pucks have a huge amount of acid in them.. When you no longer use pucks, you no longer have that acid being added all the time. Your fill water TA has a lot more to do with your pH problem than a having a SWCG.

In any case, as long as your are happy with your decision, then I am glad for you.

A good analogy is that I can't ride a horse, but that does not make it the horse's fault.. :mrgreen:


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