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Oct 6, 2009
I've seen some posts on this forum regarding OPs who point their eyeball returns up towards the surface to get the surface water circulating. I would like to do this as well, especially in the shallow end where I have a single return, but no skimmer and yet where the wind tends to blow all the debris.

However, my PB only installed 1 1/2" PVC pipes for the returns and never provided any type of thread fitting on the end or anything (they did only on the cleaner line so I could screw in the line for the Polaris). So now I'm left with just 2 return lines that I cannot do much with - couldn't even plug in a fountain that someone gave me....there's just nothing to grab onto.

Does anyone know of any "after-market" fitting that would allow me to attach adjustable eyeballs to these returns? Does such a thing exist? I actually just saw one that fits into the Polaris quick-connect port (so you don't have to keep unscrewing the collar), but didn't see anything that would fit in by tension or some other means.

I'm also curious how this is going to work come winter, when it's time to close the pool. Don't you need to plug up these holes for the winter? (I'm a pool newbie and haven't been through my first closing yet)
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