Expecting: August 2021 (It's an inground vinyl)


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Mar 6, 2021
Barrie, ON
Hello Everyone,

We are taking the plunge to our very first pool! We live in Ontario, Canada.

We will be getting a pretty rectangular shaped pool but one side will follow our fence line so it won't look crooked in our small yard. It will be 10x26 on shallow end side and 14-26 on deep end side.

Where the pool is in our yard will be full sun most of the day depending on weather of course. We have a dark grey composite deck and will have grey pavers, We also have a light grey brick house.

We need to pick a Latham liner. I do love grey and am drawn to these liners because they will match. I know that I dislike borders unless they are tiles. I do like the pebble looking liners. I also know none of that matters because it is the water colour that needs to matter most. This is where I am completely stuck! I want inviting water that doesn't look like a swamp. Some pictures look so great and then others look cold and like snakes and alligators could be hiding in there. haha. I know I do not like the water that looks too light/white. I do not like toilet bowl cleaner blue. I do love turquoise, but not too green. I like the deeper tones I see with pebblestone and grey mosaic and natural grey is some lighting conditions. I am wondering if anyone has some of these liner colours and can share their experience with colour and clarity of the water. (can I see the bottom in the deep end? Does the water look clean? Does the water sparkle?

I wanted a water feature waterfall but budget says I best not indulge. Should we get deck jets instead?

Lastly, we will have a thin border around the pool near the fence where we need to landscape in some way. Any advice for plants there. I am leaning towards hostas or tall grasses. I do not want flowers and plants that shed.

Thanks to anyone who can share wisdom.



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Apr 16, 2007
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Hi Angela, I love turquoise water. You get that shade from tan liners. The catch is... the first year with the tan liners will make the pool look kinda green. Once the liner starts to fade a bit, that goes away. I'm having a guy come out on Tuesday to give me a quote for my dream pool and I'm going with a tan liner because I just love them!
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