Equipment List - What Would You Change?


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
Update... here's a TFP thread where someone figured out how to cool their pool with an EasyTouch. Hopefully Pentair carried this capability through to its other offerings.



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Apr 17, 2020
Austin, Texas
Admittedly I haven’t done the math but great callout that I need to do it. I’ll search for a calculator to make sure I understand the cost. Thanks for the suggestion.
Here is what I come up with from Pentair's calculator for the UltraTemp 140, March through October, and the gas cost and electric costs from my last utility bills (we are both in Austin, so I assume those should be accurate for you as well):


So based on their calculator, you will save $70 per season by using the heat pump instead of the heater. Except this doesn't factor in that you are likely going to spend $4k+ up front to buy the unit and have it installed.

I will again caveat that this analysis uses current utility rates, which will definitely change over time. If natural gas prices start to become more expensive relative to electricity prices in the future, it could make the heat pump more attractive.