Eliminating in-floor cleaning system with renovation?


Oct 8, 2012
Hi, I am in the planning phases of renovating a pool built in 1990 that has an in-floor cleaning system. The current system has 6 valves, one of which controls 4 wall returns.

I was looking to eliminate the other 5 returns going to the in-floor system and simply looking to only use the 4 wall returns.

My questions are:

1. Will I regret getting rid of the in-floor system (that is currently missing all of the heads and hasn't operated properly in 10 years)?
2. Will 4 wall returns be enough for the pool, which is 25,000 gallons
3. Assuming I can eliminate the other 5 returns for the floor system, is there anything I would have to do with them, like fill with concrete, etc?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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Jul 7, 2014
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I don't believe that a working IFCS adds any $$$ valve to your pool, and a dead one sure does not. I can't see how you could regret getting rid of something you have not used in 10 years either.

Most pools only have wall returns, many only one or two and they work fine. Four wall returns should be plenty..

I assume that you are having the entire pool replatered.. If that is the case it should be simple to cap off each floor return, a couple of inches below the surface of the gunite, and then just plaster over them.. I suspect plaster crews do this type of thing all the time.


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Mar 25, 2018
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It’s a great idea to plug all those holes in your shell. (Especially since it’s not working) Have the crew abandon (they will fill the floor pipes with hydraulic cement) and plaster right over the heads. :cheers: