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Jul 18, 2015
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Could someone point me to a good resource for in-ground pool electrical requirements? Maybe a basic wiring diagram.
Our builder has electricians they work with or I can choose my own. I know a licensed electrician I can work with to save some money but he has not done a pool. I don’t know where the pool builder responsibilities stop and the electricians begins. So I am wondering if I am just better off letting them use someone they have worked with before.

A couple of specific questions.
1. I need a 220 and 110. I am going to have an EasyTouch automation system. Does that cabinet double as an electrical sub panel? So basically my main feed runs there and then 220 and 110 come off that?
2. How many amps should be run to the panel? I don’t really have a whole lot other than the Easytouch, Intelliflo pump and a LED pool light, might add landscape lights, chlorine pump and NG heater later.


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Jul 21, 2013
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ET panel is your subpanel and contains the individual circuit breakers.

A 40 or 60 amp feed to the ET is sufficient for what you list unless you someday want to use a Heat Pump. Do 60A if you have the juice.

The pump needs 20amps. The other equipment are pretty low amps.

You will only have one main pump and no spa pumps?

It is better to use an electrician who is experienced with pools. He will know the code requirements for bonding and pumps.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I have a 30 amp feed and have never had a problem, but I totally agree with Allen that you would be better off with a 40 or 50 amp feed even if you have a simple set up..

Just to be clear, my standalone Spa has its own sub-panel..


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Jun 22, 2009
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Unless the PB's electrician is outrageous I'd let them do it. They are familiar with what's required and know what it takes to pass the inspections.

Having said that, If you want to educate (or confuse :) ) yourself, you can search for NEC article 680, which pertains Swimming Pool electrical. Mike Holt probably has the best electrical advice on the web. And he has several articles on swimming pools.