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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
About 6 years ago, I started planning to build my own pool. To summarize, I purchased a backhoe, started clearing land, and TWO AND A HALF YEARS later, I had a large, rather unique pool in my side yard.

As that project inched toward completion, I realized I knew nothing about pool water chemistry and, since I was going to fill this pool from my pond, thought I had better learn. I was fortunate to find the old Poolforum and, since that time, have become reasonably competent at understanding and executing everything that's required to maintain a pool in sparkling condition. I continue to learn and read about pool chemistry and, from the 2.5 year construction adventure, I have a pretty thorough hands-on knowledge of pool construction.

Not content with one huge project under my belt, I have started a major addition to our house that will include a 400 sq ft screened porch and a 350 sq ft glassed porch and bath. Both will overlook the pool and, if it doesn't kill me :D , will be something we'll enjoy for years.

I am a commercial pilot (little charter jets) and have two teenage kids (that may kill me, too :shock: )and, of course, a stern CFO that lets me know if these projects are doable.....in other words, if she likes them, I get permission to get started working.

I plan on being a very active participant on this forum. There is an energy here that suggests many of us have been looking for a dynamic place to exchange ideas on pools. It looks like we've found it. See ya' on the forum.