Drain Water From Pool - Cartridge Filter


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May 2, 2020
Wake Forest, NC
Hello all,

First post, so go easy on me. I wanted to see if anyone knows of a kit or fittings that would allow me to hook up a backflow hose (or something like it to help me route the water away from the filter? I know there is no backwash function, but need to drain the pool a bit and trying not to get a pool of water in our equipment shed.

Thank you in advance.


Filter is a Pentair CC200


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May 22, 2019
Do you have somewhere you can drain the water legally and safely? You could install a PVC ball valve and a tee and route plumbing somewhere else. I live in the country and can drain it into my yard so that solution works for me.

Rancho Cost-a-Lotta

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Apr 10, 2018
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My pool has a hose bib plumbed after the filter like the one in the post below. If you need to drain below the skimmer, you'll want to use a submersible pump as @Razorhog suggested.



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Mar 21, 2016
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Do you have a pressure side pool cleaner? Thats what I used for a few years, just took the hose loose from the polaris
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