Doughboy Aqua View Sand Filter


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Oct 13, 2015
Macclenny, FL
I have a Doughboy Aqua View Sand Filter model 0-1709-020 and the multi-port port valve leaks out of the Waste line all the time. I have replaced the spider gasket with the round piece facing up and used magic lube and it still leaks. Are there any other parts that can be replaced that might correct the issue or do I need a new valve assembly? If I need a new valve assembly is there an aftermarket one that is a one for one swap? The original part number 1107-2468 is $270 from Doughboy. Thanks for the help

I should also mention that this filter sat for a year and was cleaned out by someone else and filled back with sand. Is there a specific alignment for the white tube inside the tank?


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Sep 17, 2015
My hayward sand filter came with a plastic peice that holds the lateral pipe in the center and prevents sand from getting in the pipe while filling with sand. I still have the same problem as you though. After backwash, when I move the multiport handle to filter, water still shouts out the waste pipe. I can jiggle the handle a few times and reposition the handle to get it to stop. I probably damaged mine by not turning off the pump before changing positions. Rather than buying a new multiport, Im getting a whole new filter (mine is too small anyways).