Dolphin Nautilus for AG pool?


May 31, 2016
Bethlehem Ga.
Did the nautilus work for you? Dolphin told me it might be too aggressive on an AG. I really like the specs better and for $100, I'd rather get the nautilus.
I have the nautilus and just love it, I have a inground pool but really don't see why in wouldn't work for a AGP it climbs the walls good and skims along the waterline except when the fine filters are installed I don't think it gets enough water flow to keep itself up there. So I just use the fine filters if I have something like pollen in the pool.


New member
Apr 24, 2017
I spoke with the manufacturer by email and they said it is really aggressive on walls, so they don't recommend it. I'm just thinking though it seems like it would be less aggressive on the wall and more aggressive on the floor since it has to fight gravity to work on the walls?
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