Dolphin Cleaners - Models


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Jun 9, 2013
Newcastle, Oklahoma
Wanting to get a robot after the first of the year for my 16 x 32 buried doughboy with deep middle.

Really like the dolphins, seem to have good reviews, under a grand for most of them which is where I would like to stay as far as $$$.

Seems there is an M4





anyone have any of these? Price seems to vary from about 689 for the Nautilus to 1400+ for premium

Is the difference worth it? I dont care about the caddy or extras (maybe remote).

Which one would be best for a pool like mine?

Thanks in advance.

Divin Dave

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Oct 2, 2013
Longview, Texas
I have a Nautilus for my IG vinyl pool. It cleans great! If I have one gripe, and its not really a gripe at all... is that the Nautilus doesnt have a handle on top of it to grab and pull it out. It does have places on the sides to grip it though.

It cleans very well and Im very happy about its performance.

For the most part, im not a bells and whistles kind of guy and the Nautilus fit my needs, as well as my budget. Got mine for 549 dollars on Memorial Day sale online. Keep looking, you can usually find them for quite a bit less than 700. OH Look! Amazon has one right now for 537.00

The dolphin Triton is a nautilus with a handle. They have exactly the same specs except for the handle. But its 200 dollars more.

If you are performance and budget (Value) minded, the Nautilus is a good selection.

Im sure other Dolphin owners will chime in on this post. I think overall, you wont find many negative responses (if any) regarding any of the Dolphin robots.


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Oct 27, 2007
Parkland, FL
I have a primal X3 I got off of Ebay. 2 year warranty and comes with the cartridge filters, basically a supreme m3 in Green. It works okay, does the job but its not like the more expensive cleaners. It takes 2-3 tries for it to completely clean the pool, my old blue diamond remote would have it cleaned the first try in 90 minutes. Honestly, I wouldn't spend the money on the more expensive ones as this one does do the job even if takes a little longer than the pricier ones, the main thing is it can't turn on its own so it wastes a lot of time bouncing around until it hits certain spots. The cartridge filters are much easier to clean than bag filters. I would get the oasis z5 if you have the money and if the place selling it still has it for a good deal, last time I checked, there was a coupon for X amount off and it was like 1075 or less with free shipping. You also get a 3 year warranty and its a much much better cleaner that can turn it self on the floor.