Doheny Advantage robot


Jun 8, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
Quick update after a few weeks:
  • This is a Dolphin with a Doheney sticker on it.
  • Pool vac has been almost flawless so far. In fact, it's cleaning so good that it's been leaving some clean streaks on the pool bottom. So, I'm running it every day until it gets the whole pool surface nice and clean. Goes to show you how weak a manual suction vac is!
  • Does a fantastic job on the water line too. One of my problems is that area since we live on a hill where there is always wind and get a lot of junk that accumulates at the water line. Problem solved!
  • Been washing out the basket every 4-5 days, but looks like I could go 2 weeks or more between cleanings.
  • Cord length is perfect for me. However, I do have one small gripe - the swivel doesn't. I have to unwind the cord every couple of days due to it getting twisted up. I'm hoping after a while of use, the swivel will loosen up some and this will go away. If not, still waaaay easier than manual vacuuming!
  • Has not got stuck and seems to get the debris out of the areas that it used to accumulate by the steps. It is kind of interesting to see what it does when it thinks it's getting stuck!
  • Popup heads are a complete non-issue for this thing. In fact, I'm running it as the same time as the pool filter now.

Really happy with this unit so far.