Do I really have to slam/shock?


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May 13, 2018
I've read some conflicting info, as is always the case with "world wide web of opinions". All my chemistry is in good range and nicely balanced, but I got busy and let my chlorine drop to zero. The water started to get cloudy so i immediately put it to 5ppm and within 1 hour i was clear again. My question is should i really take it to slam level to make sure any badies are killed.
The general opinion seems to be yes, but I know from treating drinking water that simply filtering nasty pond water and bringing it to 2ppm makes it safe potable water. So, it seems to me that a pool should be the same and doesn't require high levels of chlorine unless the chlorine isn't staying or the combined chlorine is high. But maybe I missed something. Did I miss something here?