Do I need a pump on an Auto Cover in summer?

I have a pool at a house that is often rented to vacationers during summer. I used the TFP method this summer to open and operate it, and it's worked great, and saved me a ton of money as pool service is expensive in my area, so thank you all for providing this information!

I'm considering installing and automatic safety cover, such as an APC or coverstar. It would have to be a surface mounted unit most likely due to the existing conditions. I would like renters to enjoy the safety benefits of the cover, but I don't want to have to train them to remove and replace a pump everytime they open and close the pool. Is this truly necessary during the summer?




Apr 21, 2010
Torrance, CA
If you get rain in the summer then yes you need a pump. Otherwise the rain water will collect on top of the cover and could damage your cover if a renter tries to open it with the water on top. It also poses a drowning risk to small children.


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Jul 16, 2012
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I have not seen one with that feature, if it would even work. Since the cover is sitting on the water, its different from a safety cover that is taught from the springs with a drain panel.

And yes, never leave an autocover on a pool without a pool pump if safety is a goal. It's the same as an empty pool for infants or toddlers. The water pools where they are and leads to bad things.