different problem

May 22, 2008
Since we're still learning about this and didn't want to waste anymore bleach I told hubby to shut off the pump and we would work on the pool Saturday. I get a call from my son that now the pool is blue and he can now see the bottom step and the vacuum and how it goes to the deep end but the water isn't clear.

So, what do we do now? This happened last year before we knew about this site I got so aggravated with all the money spent on chemicals that didn't do anything that I finally shut the pump off and the water turned blue and clear.

this is VERY aggravating. I'm back to thinking about pouring cement in the whole thing and giving up!!!



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May 7, 2007
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Turning the pump off is very similar to a flock treatment, only slower, the dead algae falls to the bottom. Presumably you had already killed all the algae, but the filter hadn't had time to filter it out of the water. If you vacuum everything up carefully you will probably be fine.