Deep end ledge (width and how high to place)


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Feb 27, 2021
Hi all, first time poster. We are currently planning a vinyl lined 15x30 rectangular pool, with end to end entry steps (vinyl over steel) in the shallow end, and plans for an 8’ depth in the deep end.

I really don’t like the look of a ladder in the deep end. My preference would be to do a safety ledge in the deep end, and i’m looking for input on this. The intended use would be for kids and adults to use it to hoist themselves up and out, if they don’t wish to use the stairs at the shallow end. (I’m picturing my kids climbing out and jumping in over and over).

-safety ledge on just the deep end width, or all around pool?

-how wide should the ledge be? I want it wide enough to step on but not too wide that it juts out and becomes a safety hazard for kids jumping in.

-what’s the ideal placement of the ledge, measured from the top of the pool?

Pic of 3D design attached. Stone pathway around the edges is going to be 3-4” wide. Your input is super appreciated!


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Here's a few pictures of mine for an idea. I have steps in both deep end corners and I made them both bi-level. I can't honestly remember the depth of the two levels, but they are at the 2nd and 4th step levels when comparing to the full set of steps in the shallow end. I would have preferred the deeper part to be at the 5th step level. A little more water coverage when standing on it. I did not go with a single step level area as I felt and still feel it is unnecessary for most users, especially kids and able-bodied adults.

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